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Poster List Last Updated: 12-7-2004

At Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Materials Store, we have one of the world's largest collections of current and vintage movie posters.  On this website, we have have a listing of our most current and popular posters.  Please note that this is not our entire selection.  If something you are looking for is not listed on this site, please contact us, and we will see if we have it.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

About the list,

  • The numbers preceding the poster name is the code we use to catalog the posters in the store computer, do not worry about it.
  • The "R" and the "F" next to the poster name tell the condition that the poster is in. "R" means the poster is rolled, "F" means the poster is folded. "RF" means the poster is available in both rolled or folded condition at the same price. "X" means that it is a non poster item, such as a lobby card or program, and therefore not folded or rolled, but flat.
  • If no year follows the poster price, it means that the poster is probably a reproduction. Almost all reproductions are almost exactly the same in all ways to the original poster, except in price and collectability. Almost all of them are $15-25 in price.

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